It's good to be creative again (and my brain is weird)

It feels really good to be creative again. 


After a full year at university with little to no creativity going on, I'm surprised at how good it feels to sit down and write again, to get violet gel pen smudged across my fingers. Camera clicks and candles, late-night poetry, tending to my army of succulents lined up on my window sill. Mascara, musty pages of my favourite books and figuring out how to match my wardrobe to my new dip-dyed hair. 

I've always been a creative person, whether or not I've wanted to admit it. My creativity has taken many different forms over the years, the results both good and cringe-worthy. In either case, I've learned something about my art and myself. 

I won't pretend anything I've made is perfect. Good, even. But if I've enjoyed doing it, does it matter what the end result is? 

My brain is a bit weird. I'm both left-brained and right-brained, a mix of gears and cogs and pastels bleeding together like the sunrises across the horizon. Calculus is relaxing, getting lost in derivatives and integrals. Writing is beautiful, a whole world on its own for me to tumble into. 

I'm also a bit weird in that I want careers with both halves of my brain. I've always been a hard-worker and a dreamer, and for some reason it hasn't sunk into my heart that I've chosen to pursue two different careers, both difficult on their own to achieve. I guess when you have so many privileges you want the galaxy instead of just the world. 

And I think that's ok.


  1. This is one thing that I envy about people like you. The ability to write well and also do maths. Sure, there might be a little confusion about career choice but you lucky guys have so much more variety *cries*

    I always wanted to be a more logical person but I'm so bad at maths that it's actually disappointing.

    1. Ha, thanks :) It's ok to not be great at math, it's a problem even "logical" people like myself struggle with sometimes. There are so many different kinds of smart, not just math and science.

  2. You have dip-dyed hair? That's awesome!

    I love finally having a break from school and being able to actually. . . do things and live. XD I wanted to do a bunch of stuff with this winter break, but I've kinda just resigned myself to resting. Which I'm apparently bad at.

    1. Thank you! It's purple and freaking amazing.

      Living is nice. So is sleep as it turns out? Resting is a good idea, especially when we have to throw ourselves back into it sooner than we'd like.


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