Life's Like That: Stupid things I've done during exam time part 2 (in which I almost burn the house down)

Imagine this. Unwashed hair in a messy bun. (And not the one where you try to make it look messy and like you don't care, but a legitimately messy bun.) A pencil stuck in my hair, wearing pyjamas that probably needed a good wash. I'm sitting in a sweaty mess in the corner of the dining room on my beanbag, textbooks, pencils and workbooks splayed across the floor. I have a cup of tea to my right and a candle burning on the floor to my left, a blanket across my lap. 

My mind is frazzled. Formulas and random facts float through my brain, wrap themselves around my spine. Exams are just around the corner. I finish my tea in a frantic swig, then throw my blanket to the side and stumble to my feet. I need another cup of tea in order to think. 

The kettle boils, the dog barks, the TV in the next room crackles. I sniff. Something is burning. Then I remember. The candle. The blanket. 

Oh no. 

I race back to my beanbag to find my blanket carelessly strewn over the candle, charred synthetic fabric mixing with the tangerine scented wax. It's not on fire, but the once cornflower blanket is now ebony. 

I yank my blanket out of the candle to find a giant hole on the edge. I sigh. That's exam brain for you. That evening, I sew up the frayed edges with shaky stitches. It's a large enough blanket that you wouldn't see the hole unless it was completely spread out or if you were looking for it, but it's still a quiet reminder of how out of it I can be sometimes. 

(See part 1 and part 3.)

Have you ever done something exceedingly stupid like me?


  1. Ouch! I hope you're feeling a lot less tired now.

    Man. exam stress is the worst. I can only imagine how stressful all those numbers and formulas must be :/

    I only remember burning stew in the microwave and also rice, if that counts xD

    1. I'm doing so much better, thanks Grace!

      Burning food in the microwave definitely counts :D

  2. I shouldn't be laughing at other people's misfortune, but you tell a story well (like the previous post too). :) I'm glad your stressful exam time is over for now, and you can breathe a bit easier!

    1. Ha, thanks Jessica! (Nah, go ahead and laugh, it makes me feel better :D).

  3. Exams are the worst. Finals time was the worst it's ever been for me this year. But, hey, I'm still alive so there's that. XD

    1. Major high-fives all round. We are still alive and still kicking butt ;)


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