Life's Like That: Stupid things I've done during exams part 3 (in which I wreck a pillowcase (and still can't sew to save my life))

(You can find part 1 and part 2 here.)

If you'll remember from last week's post, I did something stupid which basically involved dropping my blanket in a candle then leaving it until the smell tipped me off that something had gone horribly wrong.

Well. That night I was studying some more on my bedroom floor (yes, I study on my bedroom floor) and I had my pillow propped against my bed frame (as you do (let's assume I'm a bit of a weird individual when it comes to exams ok?)). My pillow was scrunched up and stuffed underneath my bed, but hey, I had other things to worry about besides The Scrunching of my Pillow.

My butt had fallen asleep, so I yanked my pillow out from underneath my bed to rearrange myself (and maybe reassess my life choices). Unfortunately, due to the radioactive string cheese that was my brain I had forgotten the screw sticking out of my bed frame. This dastardly screw had been my downfall on more than one occasion. Out of pure spite it had ripped several holes in my Barbie suitcase filled with my American Girl paraphernalia and I always manage to hit it whenever I wriggle underneath the bed. (This has prompted many a conversation about how I rescued a small child from a crocodile and this scratch on my arm definitely wasn't because I was attacked by my bed.)

As a direct result of this neglected fact, the screw caught on my pillowcase and left a fantastic rip as a gift. Sadly, my mom was in the room and as you could imagine she was less than pleased at my one man army's attempt to destroy every piece of linen in her household. 

Of course, I had to stitch my pillowcase back up and as you might remember I'm not great with sewing. Thankfully, the chaos is mostly over. As long as my pillow is flipped the right way and my blanket is tucked in it's almost as if nothing happened.

Good old exams, right? 


  1. Yes - I study or read or write propped up against the bed like that too! So I get this scenario, except thankfully my bed doesn't have a protruding screw. That would be so annoying. I'm glad you conquered sewing this time, and everything is usable again!

    1. Ha, well, if "conquered" is used loosely, then I definitely conquered sewing :)

  2. It sucks that so much damage has been done! I'm glad that you were able to fix the pillowcase. And I hope your mum has forgiven you xD

    1. I think she mostly shakes her head and tries not to think about it too hard, to be honest.


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