Movie Review: Captain America 3: Civil War

UPDATE: Ah, sorry, I have accidentally hit publish before scheduling. So this is Friday's post a couple of days early. Oops.

So the governments of the world have decided that the Avengers can't run around destroying stuff without supervision anymore because people were getting killed. Iron Man actually thinks this higher authority is a good idea because people have been killed directly due to his actions, but Captain America thinks they'll be held back from doing what needs to be done. They both gathered their teams and faced off, and a civil war has started. 

Now I don't usually give a rating for movies because it's just not something I do, but I'd give this movie 6/5 stars because jabberwockies, this movie was perfect. 

First of all, unlike Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice the reason why Iron Man and Captain America were fighting actually made sense. They both had really valid points. You must control weapons of mass destruction (because let's face it, that's what the Avengers are) but in doing so you're going to hold them back at times. If you don't accept limitations, then are you any better than the bad guys? What if the people controlling the Avengers had agendas and were wrong sometimes (as we see with Bucky)? WHAT DO YOU DO THEN?? There was no clear answer, and both sides were right and wrong at times which made it all the more interesting because you didn't know how it was going to end. 


The characters were all near, if not at, their best. Everyone was conflicted and afraid and trying to figure out what the right thing was. What I loved was that when they were fighting one of their friends and got a good punch in, they'd go and ask if they were alright because even if they were on opposite sides, they were still friends. Captain America and Iron Man were both amazingly conflicted, while Vision and Scarlet Witch had a great dynamic, especially because they were both afraid of what they could do. Hawkeye was hilarious, Black Widow had some great action moves going on and Black Panther was just so darn cool. Guys, Bucky and Falcon were the best thing in the world. They had like two scenes together and they were utterly hilarious and had me cheering the whole time. Despite having more characters than The Avengers, most of the minor characters felt real and not like cardboard cutouts in the slightest. It never felt bloated or stuffed. 

The action sequences were the best. It was just great. Explosions and so much hand-to-hand fighting, cool movies, an awesome car chase, just everything you could have asked for. There was one point in the movie (the airport scene) where I was seconds away from crying from the pure awesomeness of the movie. (I am not even kidding. Seconds away from it, I tell you. The tears were building up and everything.) The only thing I would have wanted to change was a little bit of the camera work. It was often a little shaky and made it hard to tell what was going on, especially during the action sequences. 

The tone was just great, too. It was slick and dark and heartbreaking but uplifting and funny at the same time. It never got too dark (*cough* Batman vs. Superman *cough*) but you could never forget what was at stake. Typical to Marvel films, whenever there was a dark moment, someone told a joke to lighten the mood. 


And finally, last but certainly not least, Spider-Man. HE WAS JUST PERFECT!!!!! If you will recall, Spider-Man is my favourite superhero because, well, I did a whole post on it, but basically because he's funny and has great banter and he's a nerd who just tries to do the right thing, even though it often comes at a great personal cost. And I really need to find out who was responsible for Spider-Man in this film because I really want to give them a giant hug. Not only did the actor finally fit the character perfectly, but I love the way they portrayed him as a high school student trying to balance saving the world with his homework. His fighting style was amazing, his banter was perfect and he was fascinated with everything (he asked Falcon if his wings were carbon fibre while fighting him). As a fan who has constantly be let down in the past, I'm happy to say that Spider-Man has made it home. 

So congratulations, Marvel. I think this was the best movie you've made yet. 

Have you seen the movie yet? Are you planning on it? What do you think about Tom Holland as Spider-Man? Is anyone else dying from the awesomeness of it like I am? 


  1. Oh my word. I so so so want to go see this movie when it comes out here in the U.S. But seeing that my family isn't into Marvel, that might not happen anytime soon.

    1. YOU MUST SEE IT! But I'm sure you could rent it or something when it comes out? Thanks for commenting, Victoria!

  2. I have to admit that I've seen very few Marvel movies, and had no idea what this one was even about until now. It actually sounds really great. I love inner conflict and friends fighting friends. So much drama!

    Thanks for reviewing it in a way that even a noobie like me can understand and appreciate:)

    1. It was seriously great. Although I'd recommend seeing Captain America 1 and 2 as well as an Avengers movie before seeing this one (and possibly an Iron Man one) because there's a whole ton of backstory that really helps you to enjoy the movie more. You can watch it as a standalone but you definitely won't get the full experience.

      No problem :) I hope you end up going to see it!


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